Land Mobile Transceivers NT-SK series
50W TX, 100 channels, EEPROM CPU controlled Power Mobile radio.
NT-0850SK (66-88MHz), NT-1550SK (134-174MHz), NT-4540SK (400-512MHz)
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Photograph of NT-SK series radio transceiverThe NT-SK, our clear answer to the demands from heavy duty professional two way radio market today. The NT-SK is indeed CPU controlled design, 100 channels with wide band spread without any performance degradation. generating clean 50W TX output. The outstanding RF characteristics excel the competitions. Quick and stable PLL synthesizer makes it also suitable for data communication.

A number of functions are already built in the CPU such as Scanning, Timers, Busy Lockouts and more. PC driven software eliminates troublesome parameter-settings. A few PC key board strokes set the NT-SK ready for operation.

The latest Surface Mount Technology is used to enhance the reliability of the product. The PCBs are segregated by stages which provides easy interfaces to various customized boards of your original features.

  • Powerful output of 50W with massive heat dispersion fins (40W for UHF).
  • Thermal protection against excessive load.
  • 100 channels.
  • CPU controlled.
  • Wide band spread of 24MHz in 150-174MHz with no degradation (NT-1550SK).
  • EEPROM programming and cloning capability.
  • Two modes of scans are standard features.
  • Multi-CTCSS/DCS frequencies.
  • T.O.T standard feature. 30sec to any duration.
  • Busy Lock-out standard feature.
  • Clear and powerful Audio output.
  • Wide selections of optional accessories.
  • Surface Mount Technology.
  • Ample space for customized boards.

Mid Band VHF UHF
Model No. NT-0850SK NT-1550SK NT-4540SK
Frequency Range 66-88MHz 134-174MHz 400-512MHz
No. of subbands 2 2 5
Number of channels 100 (00-99) PLL Synthesized
Communication System Simplex/Semi-duplex
Emission Type 16F3 for 25KHz spacing (8.5F3 for 12.5KHz)
Frequency Stability 5 ppm (-30deg to +60deg)
Power Source DC13.8V +- 10%
Operating Temp. Range -30deg to +60deg
Duty Cycle 1min. TX, 3min. RX for 8 hours, no abnormality
Dimensions 170(W) x 56(H) x 230(D) mm
Weight 2.9Kgs (6.2lbs) without bracket or microphone

RF output Power 50W +- 1dB 50W +- 1dB 40W +- 1dB
(nominal +1/-1.5dB at extreme temps.)
Max. deviation +-5KHz for 25KHz (+-2.5KHz for 12.5KHz)
Distortion better than 3% at 1KHz 60% modulation
Spurious & Harmonics better than -80dB
S/N ratio better than 45dB at 1KHz 60% modulation (40dB for 12.5KHz)
RF output impedance 50 ohms
Switching Band Spread 10MHz 24MHz 10MHz
Modulation input impedance 600 ohms
Standard Modulation input -49dBm +- 3dB (1KHz 70% modulation)
Frequency Response 6dB/Oct +1, -3dB 300-2700Hz (300-2550Hz for 12.5KHz)
Occupied bandwidth 16KHz max. (8.5KHz max. for 12.5KHz)

Receiver System Double Super-heterodyne
1st IF : 21.4MHz, 2nd IF : 455KHz 45MHz / 455KHz
Sensitivity 0.25microV 12dB SINAD
Squelch Sensitivity 0.17microV
Spurious & Image better than 80dB
Intermodulation better than 75dB (65dB for 12.5KHz)
Adjacent Ch. Selectivity better than 80dB (70dB for 12.5KHz)
Band Spread 10MHz 24MHz 10MHz
S/N ratio 45dB (@30dBmicroV input of 1KHz 70% mod. AF 1W) (40dB for 12.5KHz)
AF output 5W (4 ohm external speaker)
1W for built-in speaker
Distortion 3% (@30dBmicroV input of 1KHz 70% mod. AF 1W)
Frequency Response 6dB/Oct+1, -3dB 300-2700Hz (300-2550Hz for 12.5KHz)
(measurements as per EIA RS204C)
(specifications subject to change without prior notice)

Optional Supplies
  • Programming Software,
  • Programming I/F cables
  • 5 tone selcall module
  • DTMF Microphone with ANI
  • Radio Modem Module
  • Radio Modem with printer.
  • AC PSU fixed mobile adapter

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