Land Mobile Transceivers NT-LB series
0835LB (66-88MHz), 1535LB (134-174MHz), 2225LB (215-245MHz),
3525LB (300-350MHz), 4525LB (400-512MHz)
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Photograph of NT-LB series radio transceiver

High specifications standards, Excellent cost effectiveness, Greater flexibilities in design for future expansion in radio systems.

These are what our NT-LB series are all about.

The NT-LB exceeds European CEPT standards in all parameters, at the excellent cost efficiency. Flexibility is another excellence of the NT-LB. The radios are accessible to any types of additional functions which include 5 tone, 2 tone, CTCSS, DTMF, ANI of selective calling as well as Scanings, Priority channel or Custom designed sub-assemblies. To facilitate those additional functions, two optional versions are offered with special displays and auxiliary switches.

Those excellences are inherent in the NT-LB series of the 66-88, 134-174, 215-245, 300-350, and 400-512MHz, spectrums.

The NT-LB is the right and best answer to your needs today and for tomorrow with the excellences in the flexibilities.

  • Exceeds CEPT standards.
  • Excellent price scheme
  • EPROM PLL synthesized
  • Full line-up to cover 66-88, 134-174, 215-245, 300-350 & 400-512MHz
  • Superior Receiver Sensitivity
  • Superb Intermodulation Characteristics
  • Powerful output (40W-10W adjustable)
  • High quality Clear and Crisp audio output
  • Full accessibility to Selective Callings 5 tone, 2 tone, DTMF, CTCSS, ANI
  • Optional fitting of Scan, Priority, Customized circuit boards
  • Compact design
  • Rugged construction Aluminum die-casted frame, superior heat dispensation efficiency
  • Easy channel programming and simple banding changes enhances quick turn around

Mid Band VHF 220MHz 350MHz UHF
Model No. NT-0835LB NT-1535LB NT-2225LB NT-3525LB NT-4525LB
Freq. Range 66-88MHz 134-174MHz 215-245MHz 300-350MHz 400-512MHz
Channels 1 to 16
Freq. Spread 2MHz 8MHz 6MHz 6MHz 10MHz
Current Drain (TX/RX/STBY) @rated 7/1/0.4A 7/1/0.4A 7/1/0.4A 9/1/0.4A 9/1/0.4A
Ope. Voltage 13.8V DC
Antenna Imp. 50 ohm
Programming EPROM 27C64
Mic-Speaker Fist type Mic-Speaker
Ope. Temp. Range -20deg to +60deg
Size 164(W) x 50(H) x 255(D) mm
Weight 2 Kgs

RF Power Output 35W 35W 25W 25W 25W
Adjustable Range 10-40W 10-40W 10-30W 10-30W 10-30W
Modulation 16F3(8F3)
Spurious and Harmonics -80dB
Freq. Stability +-3ppm -20deg to +60deg
Hum & Noise -45dB
Audio Distortion 5%

Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) 0.25microV
Squelch Sensitivity 0.12microV
Selectivity 75dB
Image & Suprious Rejection 80dB 80dB 80dB 75dB 75dB
Intermodulation 75dB 75dB 75dB 70dB 70dB
Frequency Stability +-3ppm -20deg to +60deg
Hum & Noise -45dB
Audio Distortion 5%
Audio Output
(4ohm ext. speaker)
Standard Supplies Mounting bracket, Speaker-Microphone & DC cable

(specifications subject to change without prior notice)

Figure of basic model panel Basic Model
Tone option of CTCSS, or Sel-Calls without multiple encoding functions
Figure of thumb rotary model panel Thumb Rotary Model
Tone option (5 tone, DTMF, 2 tone, CTCSS and others) Tone selection and Display by means of Thumb-wheel switches.
Figure of full featured model panel Full Featured model with Tone option (5 tone, DTMF, 2 tone and others)
Tone selection by Up Down electric switch and LED display.

Optional Accessories
EPROM Writer, External Speaker, Dynamic Microphone
Mobile Antenna/Base Antennas
AC main console (for base station)

Selective Calling:
2 Tone DTMF (last four digits programmable)
ANI Time-out-timer

Tone Coding display sub-assemblies:
Tone Selection unit (electrical selection) with LED display
Tone code selector (Thumb wheel switch)
Photograph of NT-LB series accessories

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