Hand Portable Transceivers KHP series
66-88MHz, 136-174MHz, 190-245MHz, 300-370MHz, 400-512MHz
CPU controlled. EEPROM Wide-band 16/32ch.
5W TX FM Land Mobile Transceiver
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Photograph of KHP series radio transceiver
The KHP hand portables, newly redesigned from the precedent series deliver exceptional value. The radio contains highly integrated PCBs, mounted on a rigid aluminum die-cast inner chassis. This fully CPU controlled intelligent radio is smart enough to fulfill diversified needs from market today. All those features at an excellent cost scheme.

Ergonomics design
Comfortable grip and hold, Large control knobs, tn-color LED indicator, bright LCD backlight, amiable beep tones. Slightly slant PTT apron design. Finger rest on a side sets your palm comfortable around the radio and secured grip and drop prevention. Our scope to professional design.

Your System Integration
The TRX part and the Logic part are segregated by design which will enhance your own logic designs and local contents. The TRX board provides the ready I/O ports for various interfaces including one for FFSK modems for trunking logic or other custom applications of your own. The radios without our original Logic board are available in all bands.

  • Extremely compact 57 x 36 x 140mm.
  • Round cornered Ergonomics design.
  • Rigid die-cast inner chassis.
  • Rust free Gold plated contacts.
  • Wide band operation (26MHz VHF, 32MHz UHF)
  • High speed PLL synthesizer
  • 8bit CPU and EEPROM
  • Extensive use of 16-08. SMD chips for high integration.
  • intelligent CPU for sophisticated operations
    - Scans of various modes.
    - Quick Scan deletion by a side button.
    - PTT inhibit, Channel busy lock Out.
    - Time out timer. Penalty timer.
    - Programmable CTCSS/DCS.
    - Battery life savers of various modes.
    - Alert tones and LED signs for easy operation.
    - Security lock against unauthorized use. (option)
  • Bright LCD backlight for night time use.
  • Dealer friendly program software. PC and Cloning
  • Wide selection of options, DTMF, 2tone, 5tone.
  • Powerful and crisp speaker audio.

Mid Band VHF 220MHz 350MHz UHF
Model No. KHP-643/645 KHP-143/145 KHP-223/225 KHP-343/345 KHP-443/445
Freq. Range 66-88MHz 136-174MHz 190-245MHz 300-370MHz 400-512MHz
Freq. Spread 14MHz 26MHz 26MHz 32MHz 32MHz
No. of subbands 2 2 2 3 3
Channels 16 (KHP-xx3) 32 channels (KHP-xx5)
Channel Spacing 12.5, 20, 25 or 30KHz
Ope. Voltage 7.5VDC Ni-cd Battery pack
Antenna Imp. 50 ohm
Programming IBM-PC or Cloning to EEPROM in the radio
Program step 5 or 6.25 KHz
Ope. Temp. -30 deg to +60 deg
with 600mA/H Nicd with 1300mA/H Nicd
Size (WxDxH mm) 57 x 36 x 140 57 x 36 x 175
Weight 400 grams 520 grams
Battery Life @full power 4.3-4.7Hrs 9.0-10.2Hrs
@1W 6.3-6.5Hrs 11-13.7Hrs
(per EIA RS-316B, 5-5-90 with Power save on. Veries on models)

RF Power Output 5W 5W 5W 4W 4W
Switchable to 1W by switch on the top panel
Modulation 16F3 or 8F3
Freq. Stability +-5ppm -30deg to +60deg
Freq. Response +1, -3dB/Oct. pre-emphasis 300-3000Hz. 1KHz ref. (Narrow : 300-2700Hz)
Spurious & Harmonics 70dB
Hum & Noise -45dB (Narrow : -40dB)
Audio Distortion 5%

Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) 0.35microV
SQ Sensitivity 0.22microV THD. 0.5microV TIGHT
Selectivity (@25KHz plan) 70dB
(@12.5KHz) 60dB
Spurious Rejection 70dB
Intermodulation 65dB
FM Noise -45dB (Narrow -40dB)
Audio Output 500mW into 8ohm load
Audio Response +1, -3d B/Oct. de-emphasis 300-3000Hz. 1KHz ref. (Narrow 300-2700Hz)
Audio Distortion 3%

(specifications subject to change without prior notice)

Optional Accessories
  • Dual-slot quick charger CP-2K
  • 1300mA/H heavy duty battery pack
  • Programming interface box with RS232C socket
  • Extension Speaker -mic RSM-4
  • CTCSS, CTCSS/DCS modules
  • Signaling options DTMF, 2 tone, 5 tone, Encryption
  • Security lock against unauthorized use (KHP xx5)
  • Leather case
Photograph of BC series accessories

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