Hand Portable Transceiver BC series
100 channels Full-featured radios
BC-150 (134-174MHz) BC-400 (400-512MHz)
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Photograph of BC series radio transceiver
The BC150/BC400 combines rugged construction with technologically advanced circuit design. The radio employs aluminum diecast for the frame and rear cover with water resistant gaskets layered along the case lids.

The latest circuit design permits the BC150 to be fully operational across the entire commercial band of 148-174MHz without any restrictions or degradation of performances.
100 channels with Scans, Priority, Timer and even TX power can be programmed through PC software as a matter of keyboard strokes.
Full range of options, including 5 tone, CTCSS, DTMF makes the BC range so versatile. Further, the BC are designed to extend its applications into the Trunking Systems.

The BC150 and BC400 answer your tomorrows needs today.

  • Die-cast frame and Rear cover, water resistant construction
  • Exceed CEPT standards
  • 100 channels
  • Wide band design 26MHz for 148-174MHz & 20MHz segments for 400-512MHz
  • LCD Display for channel & status
  • Battery 'LOW' indicator
  • Scans, Priority, Timer are standard features
  • Full range of Selcall options 5 tone, CTCSS, DTMF
  • Two types of Battery options, 600mA & 1100mA
  • Wide Selection of accessories

Model No. BC-150 BC-400
Freq. Range 134-174MHz 400-512MHz
Channels 100 100
Operating bands width 26Mhz 20MHz
Type of Oscillation EPROM PLL Synthesized
Battery Life 4.5 hrs with 600mA Nicd or 8 hrs with 1100mA @ 5-5-90
Operating Voltage 9.6V DC
Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
Operating Temperature Range -20deg to +60deg
Size 175x62x39mm with 600mA Nicd
Weight 620 grams with 600mA Nicd

RF Power output 5W/1W switchable (option) 5W/1W switchable (option)
Modulation 16F3(8F3) 16F3(8F3)
Spurious and Harmonics 0.25microW max. 0.25microW max.
Frequency stability +-5ppm +-3ppm
Hum & Noise -40dB -40dB
Audio Distortion 5% max. 5% max.

Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) 0.25microV 0.35microV
Squelch Sensitivity 0.2microV 0.2microV
Selectivity 70dB 70dB
Image & Spurious 70dB 70dB
Intermodulation Rejection 70dB 70dB
Frequency stability +-8ppm +-3ppm
Hum & Noise 40dB 40dB
Audio Distortion 5% max. 5% max.
Audio Output 0.5W 0.5W

(specifications subject to change without notice)

  • CTCSS module CTS-150
  • 5-Tone Sel-Callmodule SCL-150
  • Speaker Microphone SPM-150
  • Soft Case SF-150
  • AC Adaptor CA-8024/8022
  • Battery Pack BP1100
  • DC Adapter CS-803A
  • Battery Pack BP600
  • Quick-Charger SCH-1R
  • Standard-Charger SCH-1
  • Multi-Charger MCH-1
Photograph of BC series accessories

Figure of BC series controles

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