MSP-MS100 Hand held CF reader

MSP-MS100 hand held reader/writer is the first RFID hand held PDA reader/writer communicating with PC through CF slot. It is microminiaturized, super light, portable, extremely convenient and flexible.
MSP-MS100 offers simple application software to help customers get familiar with our products and do further windows-based customized application development. Commonly, it iscarried by operator, finishing data collection for tags in certain area and simultaneously storing collected data in PDA or transmitting to back-end via 802.11b/GPRS, or automatically finishing data writing for tags in certain area under safety control. It is capable of bidirectional and long distance communications with tags, able to supervise hundreds of articles tag attached within range of 10 meters.
As important part of our systematic solution for RF identification, MSP-MS100 hand heldreader/writer fully demonstrated several advanced technologies of our unique i-CollectedTM patent package, and integrated many other advanced technologies, such as micro controller, RF technology, high speed data transmission, high capacity data storage and imbeddedreal time system. Cooperating with other types of RFID products in our company, it provides high quality solution for cases demanding automatic identification, such as supply chain, storage, animal tracking, product line management (working-in-progress) and electric power equipments routine check.

RF Modules and Accessories VHF~2.4GHz Outline specs

  1. Identification range is within 10 meters
  2. Advanced anti-collision techniques, simultaneously identifying up to 200 tags
  3. Applied channel isolation technology, no interferences between equipments
  4. Capability of high speed bi-directional data transmission between tag , reader and PC
  5. Communicate with computer through RS232/483/weigand 26 or wirelessly
  6. Encrypted and certified to assure data safety, preventive of eavesdropping and intentional decoding
  7. Work at globally free 2.45GHz ISM band
  8. Ultra low RF transmission power consumption, healthier and safer
  9. Applied 0.18uM technology to reduce cost
  10. Meet harsh industrial environment requirements
  11. Stable, work temperature range from -10deg to 60deg, anti-impact design
  12. Anti-jamming capability, tolerance of interfering sources at the scene
  13. Applied design techniques of anti-interferences and thunders
Mechanical characteristics
Parameters Specifications
size 64mm x 43mm x 11mm
weight 20g
Shell material ABS, stainless steel
Color black
Installation manner Portable, handheld

Microwave link characteristics
parameters Specifications
uplink downlink
modulation GFSK GFSK
frequency 2.4 - 2.4835 GHz
Transmission power 0dBm(software adjustable)
Antenna polarization linear polarization
Microwave communication range Within 10 meters
Microwave communication error check Cyclic redundancy check(CRC16)
Communication encryption Temporarily confidential
Bit error ratio/B.E.R 10-7

Electric characteristics
Parameters Specifications
power Supplied by PDA
Communication interface CF interface
baud rate:19200 bps

Environment characteristics
Parameters Specifications
temperature -40deg to +80deg
Storage temperature -60deg to +80deg
Anti-electromagnetism interferences 10V/m 0.1-1000MHz AM waves
reliability MTBF.70000 hours
Work life 15 years

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