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NTK Driving Simulator was developed based on the theory of driving simulator theory and with the application of modern technologies including micro-electronics technology, computer technology, real-time imaging technology, sensor technology, high-speed data communication technology, principles of ergonomics and emulation etc

Main Features

Through the systematic and standard training program, trainees are expected to build up the capabilities of recognition, exercise proper judgment, analysis and disposal under various road conditions and special conditions. They should be able to master the driving essentials prior to any actual driving practice.
This greatly increases training level and efficiency, Minimizes on road training period, reduces wear and tear of vehicle, oil consumption and lowers training cost and frequency of traffic accidents. The advanced training equipment and method appeals to more and more prospective trainees and it also brings about significant economic and social benefits.

Adopt the high-accuracy transducer, measuring precision is up to 0.35 degrees.

Adopt rack and gear drive, double spring force feedback. Select the high-quality material and carry on the essential surface heat treatment, which ensure that trainees can use steering frequently and vigorously with real feelings of real vehicle.

Equipped with real vehicle accessories such as turn signal switch, wiper switch, ignition switch, etc.

Gear parts wholly made of pure copper  with peculiar slider type connecting rod mechanism.

Features of good rigidity, good durability, moderate intensity, structural stability and long service life.

Real Santana 2000 meter real-time drive with changes of scenes.

Equipped with turn headlight switch, fog lamp switch, stop lamp switch, air-conditioning switch, and etc.


Technical Specifications



Working Voltage

AC 220V±10 50Hz

Max Power Consumption






Working Temperature


Relative Humidity



Active Training

Based on the accumulation of experience by research of simulated driving technology, and through wide promotion and collection of large volumes of data. NTK 300T is characterized by personalized training, anticipated training, correction of improper driving practice and cultivation of safety awareness



Urban Road Driving Scene
Mountainous Road Driving Scene


Reverse & Garaging Driving Scene
Overleap Obstacles Driving Scene


Driving Scene in Rain
Driving Scene in Snow
Passive Teaching

Training syllabus is strictly adhered to and new technical achievement is integrated. The logical arrangement of the course and its contents provide ideal results

Recognition of Machine Parts Teaching
Turn Right & Cross the Intersection
Simulated Drive on Expressway

Simulated Drive on Urban Road

Simulated Drive at Night
Simulated Drive in Rain
Quality assurance

We have engaged a large group of engineers and scientists, who are full of experiences and new ideas. We own first class equipments and modernized management, which give them a free space and full, play to their professional knowledge. The products are continually designed and replaced by new ones, so in the unceasing competitions our products can be always in an invincible position.

Product quality is the most important guarantee to satisfy customers no matter how powerful capacity of design and production.We make quality checks at all levels.


Before finalizing the design plan we invite experts to appraise and prove; after completing the drawing design, the responsibility chief engineer will check and approve strictly.

During processing the parts, every working procedure will be checked; after assembling and adjusting, the function of the machine will be tested in special conditions such as high temperature, heat run and vibration to ensure no wrongs at each link.

You will find that our products are just thing you want and you can always trust in.

After-sales Service

NTK boasts a complete after-sale service system.

A one(1) year warranty is provided against all the equipment upon the date of system examination and acceptance. During this one(1) year warranty period, the company promises to provide free repair against any and all quality issues arising out of system equipment operation.

Free upgrading of application software and free technical support related to feature addition.

Application Cases

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